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Running in the cold


Well, the cold weather has finally arrived to Northern Illinois. Does this mean that I will be running on the treadmill? For me that is a no unless there is an extreme storm. Last spring I decided to run from my home to my parents on a Friday afternoon. This was in March or April of 2012. It was in the 30’s out and there was light snow. A few miles in, the snow became heavy and then it became a full out blizzard. Since I had set a goal to get to my parent’s home (13 miles), I had to finish what I started. It then snowed at about an inch every 30 minutes or so. at one point I questioned what I was doing. The large fresh snow was getting on my hair and eye brows. The cold wind caused my skin to feel as if it was burning. I finished the run and upon walking in, I was asked if I was crazy. My answer, crazy? maybe a bit, but really i was dedicated. The feeling of accomplishment I felt for myself was rewarding.

I can say that, I love the sound of crunching snow while running in it.

As I mentioned before, this past Sunday I ran 15 miles in rain and freezing rain and also felt accomplishment at the end. Not only am I doing these long runs to train for the Miami marathon, I am running them to stay in shape physically and mentally.

Running has become a part of my life, it makes me happy, keeps me sane, and no matter what, I will run .. because I can – be it in snow, freezing rain, sunshine. Running is what I do. The reward in personal, but never gets old!