Understanding my desire to become a yoga teacher while reading “Cinderella” to my child.


As the parent of a very intelligent three year old girl, bed time has become a strict routine involving counting five blankets as I tuck her in, sitting beside her, and reading Cinderella. while reading the same story over and over became repetitive, I took to heart the words of the ending “if you truly believe in a dream, it is bound to come true.”

I started thinking about those words and the story helped me rationalize my recent decision to attend my first 200 hour yoga teacher training. This decision, having been an extremely difficult one, started resonating in my reading of Cinderella. I really want to be a yoga teacher, but getting my family’s approval seemed to be as far fetched as Cinderella attending the king’s ball at the palace.

By way of background, I am an attorney who began attending yoga classes as a means of improving running marathons. Discovering yoga felt like Cinderella discovering her magic fairy godmother, who appeared out of nowhere and changed her life for the better. Yoga became spiritual and is now a way of life for me. Explaining this to my family could have been the same as describing a fairy godmother appearing and saying the magic words bibbidy bibbidy bop thus instantly placing me in tripod headstand. Practicing or teaching yoga is more than a doing a physical activity such as aerobics. The third limb of yoga out of 8, describes physical postures or asanas, which is what many believe, is yoga in its entirety.

After reading many articles and discussing my desire with others it seemed like an uphill climb. For Cinderella, her stepmother and stepsisters kept barking commands failing to see or care about cinderella’s desire to become someone other than a servant. The only ones to support her were her animal friends, who encouraged her a and did whatever they could to help. This is because her animal friends understood that cinderella, being an unlikely candidate, could make her dreams come true. All my yogi friends have been supportive and positive to my yogic dream of teaching.

My family’s opinion and support have always been important, through law school, jobs, and opening my own law practice. Naturally their support is essential to my decision to become a certified yoga instructor. I explained to my family that if the opportunity to fulfill one’s dream presents itself at their front door, one should take that opportunity. Especially if that something makes you happy. The glass slipper may not fit anyone of my family members just yet, but for me, as is practicing and being involved in yoga, it is a perfect fit. And just like that, by explaining that I just wanted to give others what my yoga teachers gave me, a new more meaningful life, I gained my family’s support.

As Cinderella said, “if you believe strongly enough, any dream can come true.” In this case, I start teacher training the second week of April, 2013. As my daughter falls asleep, and the story has a happy ending, I gain my family’s support. Yes, it is a big commitment, but a commitment in an ancient practice that I love and that one day I may even teach to my children. One way or another, we only get one chance to fulfill our dreams in this world, Cinderella teaches us that it can be done, and it is also a nice story with a happy ending. Why not? Namaste!


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  1. Go for it! Listening to your truth will make you shine brighter and soon those around you will want to stand with you in that light. Best wishes & Namaste!

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