Happy 2013


To all readers of my blog, may 2013 be a healthy happy year and may all your wishes come true. I started my year with a 13 mile run in honor of 2013. Boy did it feel nice, and even at 17 degrees, the wind was not blowing hard and the sun was shinning! I crossed a bridge in the trail that I could not resist taking a photo of. I am fond of bridges just as in Japanese culture they are symbolic of connection and being able to advance.


Also, I am on my countdown to the Miami marathon, which is only 26 days away now. 2013 has three full marathons in my schedule, being Miami, the Wisconsin marathon, and the Chicago marathon in October. I also. Have 2 half marathons planned and maybe a few 10ks along the way. I plan do do a lot of running this year! I look forward to sharing my experiences and training on my blog.
Also, I accepted yoga teacher Rachel Brathen’s 2013 yoga challenge, for which I committed to practice yoga at least once every darn day of January! Check it out, I think it is neat and a great motivator. I practiced a home 30 minute flow session before my run and ended with a headless headstand.

I wish you all a happy and very healthy 2013. Lets keep on running and practicing yoga for a great life!


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